Changes in natural conditions

Culture angelic type is replaced by a new culture, the Mousterian (Moustier – a cave on the banks of the Weser river, in France, where parking ancient people were found, the so-called Neanderthals, more advanced and had more advanced equipment than the most ancient people the beginning of the Lower Paleolithic including synanthropes 100 -40 […]

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The origin of speech

Development of thinking, thus, cannot be considered independently of the development of speech. Language and thought from the beginning grew at the same work the soil, were in close connection and interaction with each other. Language fixes and records the results of the thinking and enables the exchange of ideas, which is indispensable to social […]

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Strengthening of public relations

Collectives Sinanthropus and, obviously, their immediate predecessors qualitatively different from those organizations, which are peculiar to the animal, the GTR was not a herd of monkeys, a human association, although still very primitive. We cannot clearly imagine the internal structure of these ancient associations, as ethnographers do not know anything like the condition of the […]

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Settling Sinanthropus types of people

Of great importance are the findings of the remains of Sinanthropus close to the creatures in other countries. These are the teeth, found in 1948 in the north of Vietnam, similar to the teeth Sinanthropus; two jaw close to the jaw Heidelberg man, discovered in 1949 and 1950. Swartkrans cave, in southern Africa; molar tooth […]

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For a long time, it was not known, however, the appearance of the person Acheulian pores. The only European discoveries (we are referring to the so-called Heidelberg jaw, found in 1907 near Heidelberg, Germany, – whence comes its name), concerning about this period, it was not enough to determine the shape of human Acheulian pores. […]

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Acheulean period

Further development of labor is reflected in the improvement of stone tools and technology for their manufacture. Wherever there are tough Chellean guns in their place there are new, more thoroughly and expertly made – Acheulean (named for the place of their first discovery in St. Ashely (a suburb of the city of Amiens in […]

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Conditions of human life in Chellean period

To imagine the conditions in which there was a man Chellean period should pay attention primarily on the animal remains found during excavations with Chellean instruments or deposits, where such weapons are found. In France, it was the southern animals proglacial distant past – a hippopotamus, ancient elephant with straight tusks, rhinoceros Merck, Stenon horse, […]

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Chellean period.

The next stage of development of the material culture of the ancient people called by archaeologists “Chellean” (by Kjell village in France, at the confluence of the Marne River Seine, where stone tools were first discovered, characteristic for this stage). Most fully studied Chellean location in France, in the valley of the Somme, in Amiens. […]

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The earliest stone tools

Approximately 700-600 with 40 millennium BC., by definition, archaeologists and geologists, lasted the earliest period of human history, which is called the lower (or early) Paleolithic. If the first guns were raw random pieces of stone with sharp edges and simple stick, then over time people begin to deliberately produce tools made of stone, using […]

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Seven Easy Steps to Improve your Essay Writing Skills

At first, write an immaculate overview of the whole picture. Express your main idea in a written form and place it in the mid-position at the piece of paper. After that, make circle around it, jotting down all ideas, thoughts, and phrases relating the topic. Present your primary ideas around that circle. You are brainstorming […]

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