Pithecanthropus (2nd part)

Judging from the remains of plants, including perfectly preserved leaves and even the flowers found in the sediments directly overlying bone-Trinil layer Pithecanthropus lived in the forest, which consisted of trees that now grow in Java, but in a somewhat cooler climate, existing now at an altitude of 600-1 200 m above sea level. In this forest grew citrus and laurel […]

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Pithecanthropus (1st part)

The great achievement of advanced science in the late XIX century. More findings were the remains of highly organized creatures than Australopithecus. These remains date to the entire Quaternary period, which is divided into two stages: the Pleistocene, which lasted approximately VIII-VII centuries BC. and covering proglacial and the glacial period, and the current stage (Holocene). The discoveries have fully confirmed the views of leading scientists of the XIX […]

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Nearest human ancestors (Part 2)

Another important feature of the Australopithecus, also inextricably linked to bipedal locomotion, are features of the skull structure, pointing to a more vertical than that of other anthropoids, landing head. This is evident from the fact that a considerable part of the nape of Australopithecus did not have strong neck muscles, which were supposed to […]

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Nearest human ancestors (Part 1)

Tertiary period compared with the whole of human history lasted very long. It began about 70 million. And ended about 1 million. Years ago. The value of the Tertiary period in Earth’s history, especially its flora and fauna, is very large. During this time, there have been great changes in the shape of the globe. […]

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The emergence of human society. Human Origins.

The emergence of human society The era of the formation and development of the primitive communal relations is of great importance in the history of humankind. It starts with the separation of man from the animal world. During this era laid the foundation of all further development of material and spiritual culture of human society. […]

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How to write an excellent resume if I am a graduate

New graduates joining the workforce tend to hit a wall when it comes to writing your resume. What should I include? How to write a resume in which I have no work experience? The good news is that, with few exceptions, the rest of your colleagues are in the same boat: no experience, but hungry […]

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Notre Dame de Paris – A Descriptive Essay Sample

Gothic cathedral with all the wealth of its elements affects the extraordinary unity of a floor plan and the decor throughout the system (inside and outside). In addition, it is usually characterized by the unity of the Gothic style. The inner part of the temple, the consequent arrangement of parts, regardless of the sculpture and […]

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Slavery in America

Not so long ago, I read a book by Jules Vernes “A captain of fifteen years.” In this book a lot of talk about the slavery of the blacks. I wanted to find more information on this topic, and therefore I decided to do this work. As you know, Europe is very small, and the […]

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Five Good Advices for Beginner Writers to Follow

Are you tired of your dream project finished, and then look at the empty side of the computer screen? I would like some advice on how to write letters of creative and scientific literature? If the writer can be a challenge, but it starts from the bottom, and here are some tips to get started. […]

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Guidelines to Writing a History Research Paper

Keep in mind that moment Christopher Columbus occupied Vietnam, thus accidentally stimulating the World War II that eventually led to the Great Depression? Needless to say, the pressure of writing a background research papers may very quickly cause one to somehow conjure up this type of storage; maybe you study it in one particular tacky-looking […]

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