December 30, 2016

Five Good Advices for Beginner Writers to Follow

Are you tired of your dream project finished, and then look at the empty side of the computer screen? I would like some advice on how to write letters of creative and scientific literature? If the writer can be a challenge, but it starts from the bottom, and here are some tips to get started.


1. Select a time

Choose a specific time each day and clean your schedule. Promise yourself that every day 14 am or 2:00 you sit at a desk and write. First, a nail nails pet cat, play with your hair and do nothing, but gradually frightening piece of white paper begins to fill with your ideas. Your brain will believe that this time is reserved for creativity and help you with new ideas to write!

2. Creation story is not a priority

The mistake that many writers often that they write in the name of the publication. There is nothing wrong with the desire to publish his story, looking for ways to make it visible, but focuses on something that will make your story artificially. Many famous works were found after his death, because they wrote for themselves just because of their history of heart. Imagine if classic that we all know have been adapted to the needs of the public – they would not be a classic, or?

3. Small doses

A good novel takes years, even decades to become what it is. Do not worry because you cannot get the whole story in record time. Instead of focusing on the number of pages, focus on quality habit of writing words a few paragraphs a day. Some experienced authors recommend the end of each day with an exciting – so you want to get faster to write your story and what happens on again!

4. Find player

Enter finished piece of your mother, or your neighbor’s mail courier. Ask to give you honest feedback and you will see your work from a new perspective. At the same patience is required! Remember that everyone is busy, and if they do not read, perhaps, did not do their job for a few days with you, but the timing of their lives.

5. Field

How scary movie you just saw because your favorite actor was in them? They looked, because he liked the actor, the same principle applies to his novels. If you stay true to yourself, your true thoughts and ideas to preach to gather around you, readers appreciate everything you write, because they will admire him as a person.

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