The Great Names of History

We did our best to provide you with highly informative biographies of glorious people in history

Hadrian, the Roman Emperor (Part I)

The character of Hadrian and the beginning of his reign The new emperor (117-138 AD on) did not seek his fame as Trajan, in expanding the limits of the state, but rather wanted to return to Rome, who has not seen the emperor three years; because he wanted to establish a lasting peace in the […]

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The twelve labours of Hercules, Part 2

The seventh labour of Hercules Lord Poseidon offered stunning fluff for that offering of the compromise to the king Minos. Nevertheless, Minos introduced a compromise to Poseidon another, and had quit an excellent fluff within their herd. Indignant god-sent a fluff mad: he was used throughout Crete, ruining everything. Hercules captured trained the fluff and […]

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The twelve labours of Hercules, Part 1

Greek Hercules that is excellent was a human girl Alcmene along with the boy of Zeus. Because Heracles’ delivery attacked Zeus, Hera’s spouse, furious that her spouse found Alcmene in conversation. About the evening prior to Hercules’ delivery, Zeus announced the toddler, who seems within this evening such as Perseus’ descendants, might tip all the […]

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Biography of Alexander the Great, Part 2

After the death of Darius, all the nations of Persia looked at Alexander the Great as their legitimate ruler. Only the north-eastern provinces continued to resist, and Alexander, having taken and passed Hyrcania on the Caspian Sea to Zadrakarty (now Astrabad), went to Bactria, where he assembled his army took the title of king of […]

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Biography of Alexander the Great, Part 1

Alexander the Great – the greatest conqueror of all time, the son of King Philip II and Olympic Games, the daughter of the king of Epirus Neoptolemus, was born in 356 BC and died in 323. Alexander’s tutor with 13 years of age was Aristotle, who awakened in his pupil the idea of the greatness, […]

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