March 17, 2017

Strengthening of public relations

Collectives Sinanthropus and, obviously, their immediate predecessors qualitatively different from those organizations, which are peculiar to the animal, the GTR was not a herd of monkeys, a human association, although still very primitive.

We cannot clearly imagine the internal structure of these ancient associations, as ethnographers do not know anything like the condition of the people is so distant time, and utterly impossible that, by some miracle after 500-300 thousand. Years survived to our time kind of relationship, although it would be similar to the system remotely Chellean or Acheulean time bands. Even the most backward groups of humankind caught in the XVIII-XIX centuries. In the most remote from the centers of advanced culture, places of the globe, such as the Tasmanians, in their physical and mental development did not differ from other modern people. Very few can give to solve this complex problem also study various remnants of the ancient social relations, even a number of the tribes of our time.

One thing is certain: the overall level of development of primitive man in this period was extremely low. Throughout the vast territory of the ancient settlement of humankind are some small groups of people, separated from each other by vast spaces. Their technical expertise and production skills were growing very slowly. Tools were very crude and imperfect. The work as a whole remained undeveloped.

As a direct legacy of the past were animal forms of marital relations within these ancient communities. Judging by what we know about this relationship in later human communities, where they are only partly been settled in this ancient time marriage had to have a random character (step promiscuity), to determine a biological instinct.

However, most importantly was the fact that within such a primitive group, horde or human primitive herd, the existence of which was due to a necessity, there was such a powerful force, which was not and could not be even in the most tightly sealed on herd animals – collective labor activity combat in nature. In the development, work within the primitive community grew and strengthened social bonds, to curb the former zoological instincts, inherited by man from his animal ancestors. In the course of thousands of years a new, human, more and more prevailed over the old animal. This was reflected, in particular, to limit sexual intercourse between parents and their children.

Judging by the structure of the brain, the most ancient people, up to and including the Neanderthal could not yet to the same extent as it has become possible in the later people to control their behavior, in particular to restrain impulses of rage. It goes without saying that the further into the past, so this feature is the most ancient people had to be sharper and strongly expressed – from Sinanthropus stronger than that of a Neanderthal, and have more Pithecanthropus, Sinanthropus. In addition, on the other hand, the longer the story went, the faster the evolution of man as a social being, the stronger the effect of bringing up affected the primitive community; the more fully social relations determine the individual’s behavior. In any case, it is clear that even the most primitive people were never lonely life, “Robinson”. Ancient history of humankind does not know a fantastic period of individual hunting and searching for food. The strength of the primitive people, their advantage over the most powerful and dangerous predators lay in the fact that they were not alone, as a team, fastened employment, joint struggle with nature.

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