January 5, 2017

Slavery in America

Not so long ago, I read a book by Jules Vernes “A captain of fifteen years.” In this book a lot of talk about the slavery of the blacks. I wanted to find more information on this topic, and therefore I decided to do this work.

As you know, Europe is very small, and the place is not enough for a long time. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America, and the Europeans almost immediately reached no man’s land to render habitable. Initially sent to various veterans, people like Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro, who was quickly treated with all kinds of rich then America. Once there was sent unwanted people to work: criminals, debtors and the like. It quickly became clear that the workers in the New World is not enough, and almost immediately, a solution was found – importing blacks from Africa.


Civilized Europeans slave trade quickly established. European traders urgently slaves. Coastal African states have a rapid orientation, militarized, and make the capture, distilling and selling their black brothers on an industrial scale: military units – have attacked their neighbors and captured them, hunted guards – trapped on the coast and along the coast Concentration camps, where slaves in non-human conditions contain before the arrival of the customer. Nobody saw how many people were killed in the raids, how many people died during the route from the coast, men, women, children, no one thought much died in the concentration camps. The conservative estimate, at least half of the total number of slaves. In addition, when over the ocean, back from the most cautious estimates have sent at least twelve million people in Africa, the invisible hand of the market, destroyed six million people. That is what laid the foundation for the industrialization of a free, democratic Europe. Trade was rationally found as the Europeans. From Europe to Africa Consumer goods: Beads, fabric, shovels, rakes … From slaves to Africa to America. From America to Europe, borne raw materials for the development of European industry, as well as silver and gold mined. It is provided these triangle «War – slaves – raw materials welfare democracies.

The process of Negroes in America transportation was not easy. For the right slaves for the trade fought leading European powers: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark and France. Transportation speed in those days was dependent on weather and technical progress. When ships were six months in the 16th century, then in the 19th century we had time to six weeks. Black, trying to fill the ship as far as possible, food and water also, as little as possible. Of course, the ships are dying. The nearer the holds of merchant ships every instant spread infection. Civilized Europeans certainly assure your new property of various damages and even lead to death. Therefore, many traffickers were killed in the way of the blacks and their corpses were thrown overboard, well, not to carry too much and insurance.

Most blacks believe that cannibals to be eaten sell it. Actually, they did not know what was going on, otherwise they would go to the cannibals. Many of them retired in the way of hunger, refused to eat, and died quietly on the waiting list. Traders did not like it, so those who try to identify and force-fed. Others have tried to jump the deck into the water. The desperate uprisings, which usually suppressed the slave. In such a “grand” conditions, according to cautious estimates, Zamora 4-5000000 blacks.

On arrival in America Negros fall back into the concentration camps. Where they break off, like tame brumbies. In the course of these educational measures perished, another third came the Negroes. Survivors black sold planter.

As we talk about civilized Europeans, all of this was purely legal. For people lawfully bought and sold. Understandably, Negros, well, those who are fortunate enough to survive, are too strict on European laws. On plantations were law planters. If the slave in something was not agree with the planter, different disciplinary measures were applied to him. Of whips and branded, in the ears of circumcision and castration. The execution was rare to destroy their property. If the slave accidentally flogged to death, then nothing happens. In any case, blame the black. Flogged for the same thing, and according to the law.

Under such circumstances, Negros was isolated within its negro diaspora. Its traditions, its own culture and its language, the so-called “Eboniks”. It is a mixture of English and various Negro dialects.


By the way, slavery was not restricted to the laws, but also to the Christian faith. All decent people in the Bible, and to read it in black and white about Noah and his sons, Sam, Ham and Japhet. One day, Noah drank too much and relaxed, apparently without his pants, and Ham saw the pope in lust and called Mock brothers. The brothers did not mock and Papa Noah, oversleep, said that the descendants of Ham are forever slave slaves his brethren. From Sima so easily went to guess – simit, that is, Jews and Arabs of Hama – Hamit, that is, Negros and Japhet – japhetites, that is the Europeans, so slavery becomes American in the Bible and from the viewpoint of believers Slavery legalized – it purely charitativeness, and which opposed the biblical alliances, regarding the faithful Americans as opposed to God and therefore deserved to die.

It is clear contempt for the blacks from the consciousness of the nation for centuries did not erode. Few things to insult Negro stronger than how, harmless word “Boy”, that is, “boy”, and a black woman word “girl”, that is, each “girl”. Some people think that these are all just words. Some even have to accept all foreign words as a set of funny sounds and letters. We appeal to the black for the “Niger”, so niggers can do nothing but in the west and could fly. So if you see a man who mocks these words to a violent reaction, you know before you – an intellectual.

By the way, the southern states were the economic base of the then United States, and when the southern states designed to support the northern states with their money – it was immediately a civil war. This was because of the money, not because of the liberation of the blacks from slavery.

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