January 16, 2017

Notre Dame de Paris – A Descriptive Essay Sample

Gothic cathedral with all the wealth of its elements affects the extraordinary unity of a floor plan and the decor throughout the system (inside and outside). In addition, it is usually characterized by the unity of the Gothic style. The inner part of the temple, the consequent arrangement of parts, regardless of the sculpture and carvings, nor was decorated with the shell of the temple, as always, at least in the initial state of the Roman basilica. There are two ships that cut in the form of a cross, the upper end, the round dome of a choir; These are all the same permanent chapels for procession in the church or chapels – a kind of corridors, center ship, which communicates through the interspaces between the pillars. Based on this constant, the number of chapels, portals, church towers, and towers varies infinitely. Sculptures, stained glass window roses, arabesques, various ornaments, capitals, reliefs – all this combined with the taste and the rules for a certain time.


In 1163, Pope Alexander III laid the first stone of the future Notre Dame. In 1182, it was finished and consecrated by the choirs. In the year 1200, he built the main body.

The lower level has three portal: the Mother of God, the Last Judgment and St. Anne (from left to right). The facade is characterized by symmetry and harmony. It is clearly divided into three parts both vertically and horizontally. There is a slight deviation from the full symmetry – a triangular tympanum on the north portal, a conscious mistake, the taste and makes the payment to the art. Notre Dame is not unique for the aspiration gothic above. The main facade shows a surprising balance of vertical and horizontal lines, which does not equal in the entire French Gothic.

Above the portal horizontal plane is pronounced – Gallery Kings are the 28 figures of the kings of Judah, the ancestors of Christ, who were thrown down on the ground rebelliously. . Tinted glass round window with a diameter of nearly 10 meters is a symbol of divine infinity in a square – a symbol of the earthly world. This combination is designed to remind the mystery of God created man. Above arcade gallery and tower, decorated with chimera. They set the evil forces, the walls of the temple, a symbol for the expulsion of God’s world.

In 1793, during the French Revolution, the church was destroyed and desecrated. In 1845, the restoration began under the supervision of Viollet-le-Luc. 1991 – the beginning of the last program of the conservation and restoration of Notre Dame.

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