November 8, 2016

What motivates terrorists and assassins?

Terrorism and assassinations are some of the problems in the modern world. While the influential and powerful are at the threat of assassinations, the public is at the threat of terrorism. Combined, these two issues are some of the most feared in the modern world. One of the major questions most people ask is what motivates the terrorists and assassins. This paper aims at discussing the motivations that lead people to engage in the two vices.


Ideology is among the major motivations to engaging in terrorism and assassinations. Many people have varying ideologies and are willing to do anything to protect them. In essence, any person that opposes these ideologies is a direct threat to those that believe in them. To maintain progress of these ideologies, some people engage in terrorist activities and assassinations against those that oppose them. Political and religious ideologies are among the major motivations to engaging in these vices (Siegel, 2011).

Political significance is another motivation to engaging in terrorist and assassination activities.  There are groups of people who believe that they are insignificant unless they do something that will show that they have power and influence. For most, terrorist activities and assassinating influential and powerful individuals are the major ways to symbolize power. In most cases, terrorist attacks and assassinations of influential individuals attracts the attention of the public and the government. Claiming responsibility of such activities makes many people in the government and the public to be fearful of such organizations (Fitzgerald, 2007).

In conclusion, there are many motivations to engaging in terrorist activities and assassinating influential individuals. As illustrated in this paper, political and religious ideology and imparting influence and power are the major reasons why some people engage in these vices. Understating these motivations is critical in helping to prevent the vices.

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