November 16, 2016

Is Life Better Today or When Technology Was Simpler?

Technology is what the modern society depends on. Suggestions by some people tends to show that life was better in the past when technology was more primitive. Nevertheless, I differ with such insinuations. My strong conviction is that invention in technology enhances the quality of life.


There are numerous reasons why developing technology makes the lives of people more favorable. In these times, people possess computers, cars, mobile phones, robots, planes and other technological devices that ease day-to-day activities and tasks. Cooking could take over 5 hours, whereas a few minutes are sufficient nowadays. Additionally, there is a refrigerator at each home to keep food fresh for a long time (Bhattacharyya, 2006). Before the fridge was designed, people could not manage to conserve their food for a prolonged period of time, thus causing them a lot of challenges as well as increased cost. There was slowed communication which caused much inconvenience. A number of months would be taken for a letter to reach an intended destination in a foreign country. Nowadays, the use of the Internet and air mail has made communication very effective and convenient. Previously, communication had never been easy and pleasurable (Meyers, 2004).

Previously, life was rough and unfavorable. With lack of present-day medical facilities, doctors could not manage to liberate the lives of multiple people. For instance, in the past people with skin illnesses had to be in distress all their life due to lack of laser surgeries. Our ancestors had to undertake more difficult physical tasks including the children (Higgs, 2000). As a matter of fact, life was exposed to much danger and inconveniences in the past. Nevertheless, the primitive technology has made life more safe and convenient.

In conclusion, I am convicted that innovation makes life easier, convenient as well as safer. Previously, people who utilized less developed technology were exposed to many hardships and problems.

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