April 27, 2017

Essay Sample: Women and power

Legal reforms, the behavior in the twentieth century, removed the inequality of the sexes before the law and the way opened to women as to elective posts, as well as to paid career as a whole. Almost no more professions, where women were not able to achieve high performance.

The majority of women trying to gain independence from men who put themselves on a level with them. Women go into politics, the military activity and other “male professions”.

There has been a significant consolidation of the position of women in the system of social relations. Politics is becoming the most common occupations. Naturally, the woman elected political activities, as a suitable own education, knowledge, desire to realize their potential to the most complex political arena. Previously, it was difficult to assume that in addition to the household, raising children and honoring the wife, a woman can have any – any power, now that no one is surprised. However, until now the phrase “women and politics” causing many strong negative reaction.

The most striking example of women in power era of Ancient Rus – is Princess Olga, has reached great success on the throne won Drevlians, organized tax collection system, and advocated the adoption of the Orthodox nobility. In addition, this is only a small part, so that Olga has also left its mark in history.

XVIII century – a whole era of women in a patriarchal reign Russia. Catherine I, Anna Ivanovna, Elizabeth, Catherine II – Empress, left a significant mark on the formation of the country, so their reign – this is a very important period.

When the Empress Anna Ivanovna task was aimed at strengthening the empire. Industry to develop industry and trade. Most attention defended the development of the fleet.

In the reign of Elizabeth were achieved tremendous success in the development of culture, economy, arranged invalid homes, hospitals and banks. Its decree was the abolition of the death penalty, torture, branding. Erected the first Russian banks – Nobles, Merchants and Copper; introduced a tax reform that will improve the financial situation of the country; It was developed heavy industry. The time of the reign of Elizabeth considered quite favorable for the Russian Empire.

Of course, a number of female rulers more significant is the figure of Catherine II, which left a huge mark on history. Catherine the Great deservedly won the title. She was characterized by traits such as wisdom, determination, authoritativeness, he had a fine political flair and undoubted diplomatic skills.

Women aspire to politics not for the sake of power. They want their country to be economically prosperous, was the friendliest, welcoming and cohesive.

“We, the women, bring a clear vision. We know how to share, to live together, and to resolve conflicts. This is – culture, which we brought from our private life: the ability to listen, to integrate, rather than repel. We have inherent practical view of things, whereby we concentrate on solving problems in the search for what unites us rather than divides. ” – Deputy Prime Minister of Spain Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega

Women are not as authoritarian as the stronger sex – men. Before making a decision, they believe that it is much better to consult, to consult, and to listen to different points of view.

When the device to control the position of women impose the highest requirements. All because the woman has to be a better man. Women more likely to take the position of mid-level, while the top management positions are given to men.

Women and men perceive success in their career – in different ways. Women are increasingly attach importance to good psychological climate, mutual understanding and collective ability to work, in which they work. Men are guided by personal success, opportunities to improve their own status, often estimated colleagues as a potential rival.

Partnership between men and women in politics is a source of more comprehensive, confident and presentable democracy. Research Mass shows that the role of women in the management of the country stabilizes. Do not forget that the presence of women from time immemorial a positive effect on men.

Women are able to solve the most difficult problems in life, and with the same success they can solve and political. Undoubtedly, the authorities, mainly, at all times there were men, but there were also cases in which a feminine rule proved to be very successful.

Women on the throne was more God-fearing than emperors – men, they followed the observance of rites the people, thus keeping the process of disintegration of traditions.

In conclusion, we can say that a woman in power is softer than men. On the throne of women almost had to take the “men wear” and behave accordingly. Externally, the role of women – empresses really looks like random, do they – as succession fails reform sacrifices undertaken by Peter I. However, from my point of view, so long stay of women in the Russian throne, was not at all accidental. Woman – policies strengthens its own position in the world today. Now the role of women – a policy in the development of democracy, strengthening of the country cannot be overemphasized.

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