April 3, 2017

Design matriarchal clan community

The Upper Paleolithic is considerably complicated lifestyles of people developing operation of the primitive community. Separate groups of Neanderthals were likely to be alien and even hostile to each other. Of great importance for the rapprochement of different groups was to have the appearance of exogamy, the prohibition of marital relations within the family and the establishment of a permanent marriage relationship between members of different genera. Establishing exogamy as a social institution, demonstrates the growing development and complication of social relations, can be attributed to the Upper Palaeolithic times.

Increased hunting performance in the Upper Paleolithic has contributed even more defined separation of labor between men and women. Some were constantly engaged in hunting, while others, when developing relatively settled life (because of all the same more hunting performance), spent more time at stops, leading complicate things farming groups. Women are in a more or less settled life made clothes, various utensils, collected edible and technical plants, such as is used for weaving, prepared food. It is also critical that women were homemakers in public gates, while their husbands were here by aliens.

Under the rule characteristic of this phase of the tribal system of group marriage, when the father is not known precisely, the children, of course, belonged to women, which increased the social role and influence on public affairs mothers.

All this formed the basis of a new form of primitive-communal relationship-parent clan.

Direct reference to the design of the maternal clan at this time are, on the one hand, community housing, and on the other – widespread show women, where you can see images of the female ancestor, known according to folklore, such as the Eskimos and Aleuts.

On the basis of the further complication of the social life of the Upper Paleolithic people and the significant changes taking place in all areas of their culture: there is already a developed art, in work practice people to gain experience and positive knowledge.

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