March 28, 2017

The beginnings of the tribal system

Co-employment, general housing, the overall fire warms its inhabitants – all this with a natural need to unite and bring people together. On the strengthening of social ties caused by the need to bring people together to deal with nature, clearly demonstrate the whole situation Mousterian settlements, all their culture, all traces of their activities, including even such a seemingly ordinary and unimpressive on this side of the findings as a “kitchen scum “in the form of thousands or even tens of thousands of animal bones that were found in the cave dwellings of Neanderthals and their parking in the open air. They show how a person gradually overcome the animal selfishness, inherited from the pre-human state. In contrast to the animals, people care not only about themselves and not only their own children, but also the entire community. Rather than eat the prey in place of hunting, Mousterian hunters carried her into the cave, where the blazing fire remained busy housekeeping women and children and the elderly. About typical primitive society at all stages of the custom of collective food distribution and joint consumption clearly shows the entire ethnographic material known to science.

It is likely that at this time begins the transition to a new form of social life. There are the first rudiments of ancient forms of tribal society, maternal clan, and collective, bound by ties of kinship. Due to the then existing forms of marital relations only the child’s mother was certainly known that, along with the active role of women in economic life (gathering, participation in the hunting) or its role as the guardian of fire determined. Its high social status.

Forms of marital relations by this time had already passed a long way of development, although it is difficult to say with certainty what level they have reached. Initially, as mentioned earlier, the relationship between the sexes, apparently wore disorderly public nature of the rules. Further development of the family went on the number of persons narrowing line involved in the marriage communion, first by limiting the marriage of communication between generations of parents and children, then between uterine siblings.

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