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The Alexandrian War: Part 2

Achillas and Pothinus he soon paid for his treachery in the murder of Pompey’s life. Another participant, Theodotos, fled to Syria and lived there in poverty and contempt. After the death of Caesar, Brutus and Cassius blamed him for the murder of Pompey, betrayed him to an agonizing death. The position of Caesar in the […]

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The Alexandrian War: Part 1

The Alexandrian war (48-47 BC) was part of the civil war of Julius Caesar against supporters of the Republic. Murderers of Pompey was waiting for gratitude from coming to Egypt after the battle of Pharsalus Caesar, but the first thing he had to punish them. He went on the Egyptian coast at Alexandria with two […]

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English-speaking historians about the “great period” of “white armor” knights, Part 2

At the same time became fashionable wearing standardized by their cut and color suit, to a certain extent the previous army uniform. For example, in France during the Hundred Years’ War archers guard the king in 1449 received a uniform blue-white-red or green-white-red colors. That same year, Charles VII entered Rouen, accompanied by 600 soldiers’ […]

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Man, time and religion medieval India

The ancient monuments of India, people regarded as the embodiment of the cosmic laws, the reduced copy of the universe. In this regard, the physical nature of man and the different parts of his body were endowed with special symbols, for them, as it were projected universe. Subsequently, as reflected in the Puranas – took […]

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Essay Sample: Women and power

Legal reforms, the behavior in the twentieth century, removed the inequality of the sexes before the law and the way opened to women as to elective posts, as well as to paid career as a whole. Almost no more professions, where women were not able to achieve high performance. The majority of women trying to […]

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The primitive religious ideas

Primitive art show about the development of human consciousness, his life in the distant future. They talk about the beliefs of primitive man. For fantastic views out of which arose the most ancient religious beliefs of Stone Age, hunters should include the beginnings of worship of the forces of nature, and especially the cult animal. […]

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Design matriarchal clan community

The Upper Paleolithic is considerably complicated lifestyles of people developing operation of the primitive community. Separate groups of Neanderthals were likely to be alien and even hostile to each other. Of great importance for the rapprochement of different groups was to have the appearance of exogamy, the prohibition of marital relations within the family and […]

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Development of Neanderthal thinking

There can be no doubt that the labor and progressive. Development society causes a corresponding progressive change in consciousness, in the thinking of primitive man. There idealistic theories that try to prove that the mind of primitive man was supposedly thoroughly irrational and mystical that our ancestors were supposedly entirely false, is fundamentally wrong, totally […]

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The beginnings of the tribal system

Co-employment, general housing, the overall fire warms its inhabitants – all this with a natural need to unite and bring people together. On the strengthening of social ties caused by the need to bring people together to deal with nature, clearly demonstrate the whole situation Mousterian settlements, all their culture, all traces of their activities, […]

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