What motivates terrorists and assassins?

Terrorism and assassinations are some of the problems in the modern world. While the influential and powerful are at the threat of assassinations, the public is at the threat of terrorism. Combined, these two issues are some of the most feared in the modern world. One of the major questions most people ask is what […]

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Should the same laws which prohibit the sale and consumption of heroin be applied to tobacco?

Millions of people around the world regularly smoke cigarettes. But research evidence shows that tobacco has adverse effects on health.  Additionally, tobacco endangers the environment and strains the economy. I think that tobacco needs to be regulated just like heroin. Tobacco-related fatalities exceed road accidents, HIV/Aids and suicide combined.  Center for Disease Control and Prevention […]

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The Crusades: salvation or exploitation

A crusade refers to campaigns by religious movements against various enemies of the church; the term refers to the medieval movements aimed at liberating the Holy Land from the Muslim. Medievalists are divided as to what the defining periods and characteristics of the Crusades really were. Many view the Crusades to the Holy Land, which […]

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